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Manufacturing Facility of Brake Pad & Brake Lining  
  Do you want to make your own brake pad? Think Chemex!
Do you want to make your own brake lining Think Chemex!!
Do you want to have all the Brake Pad & Brake lining manufacturing plant set up in one day? Think Chemex!!!

We are based in Taiwan with more than 10 years experience setting up manufacturing plants of Brake Pad & Brake lining including customers in India, North Africa, Middle East & East Europe.

Contact us right now and get your own plant set up and cash yourself.
  ADD : No. 23, Alley 2, Lane 279, Chung-Cheng Rd., Yungkang City, Tainan, Taiwan 71043
  TEL: +886-6-2323124~6, +886-2-22188870
  FAX : +886-6-2323702, +886-2-22188869
  E-Mail : info@chemex.com.tw; chemextp@ms7.hinet.net
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